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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Jobs. Haru Phnom Penh Comic Center Co., Ltd.

Haru Phnom Penh Comic Center Co., Ltd.
JOB Title: Software Engineer and Computer Operator JOB LOCATION: Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone
We are a wholesaler of comics, books and magazines in Japan. Based on our concept of becoming a top-notch provider of high value-added retail support services to Japanese book store and inter:net (comic) café , etc. Upon receiving their orders, we process or "assemble" comics and magazineTelecommunication/Hardwaremined procedures prior to shipment, which involves putting a cover, sticker and reinforcement on each of the books. At our brand new factory in Phnom Penh line exclusively for carrying such processing or assembly operation. The requires a certTakehara of expertise, and we are the industry-leading expert in this area. In addition, we recently started authoring comic contents for Japanese mobilSEZones and smart phones in Phnom Penh.
oftware Engineer - Software Developer JOB DESCRIPTION:
C++ Developer - Software Engineer - C---,- Engineer - Software Programmer
-    Associates degree, computer trade school or equivalent experience.
-    2+ years of programming
-    Strong knowledge/experience with XML structure and parsers
-    Strong diagnostic/problem solving abilities
-    Knowledge ofJMS, J2EE, Enterprise Java Beans, Web Logic.
-    Knowledge of SQL
Computer Operator
Thorough and accurate reporting of all exception conditions including preparation of all special reports and information that may be requested by the Manager. Make observations, and recommendations for improvement to the operations systems.. Computer Operators coordinate with inventory management systems, and Telecommunicationfliardware.
Job Location
Phnom Penh
Job Requirement
-    Associates degree, computer trade school or equivalent experience.
-    Two (2) years full time work experience as a computer operator.
-    Strong k, Word, PPT and Access.
Application Information
HOW TO APPLY: Send CV directly to e-mail address: Contact Person: Takeham. Tel: 012-897-285. Email:
Location for Interview: Attwood Business Center 67E5, Russian Blvd., Sangkat Tuk Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, (Phnom Penh SF_Z Co., Ltd Office)
Closing Date: 12' November 2010
Closing Date

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